The innovative design of Gritree outdoor workout station inspires everyone regardless of their age or fitness level to move and improve their wellbeing. Gritree provides a platform for suspension training, where up to 4 individuals can work out simultaneously with efficient bodyweight movements. Suspension training is safe, scalable depending on fitness level and very effective for improving physique and strength. 

Gritree is designed to make landscape architecture effortless. The workout station comes in many colors and can be planted from public parks and sports venues to private housing areas and gardens. Gritree is manufactured in Finland from durable and ecological materials.


Gritree outdoor workout station has three different length suspension training spots and one regular pull up bar. The structure allows up to 4 simultaneous users to use the station with plenty of room. 

Suspension training improves balance, body control, muscular strength and hypertrophy. The open chain movements with suspension ropes are joint friendly and safe to perform. Exercises can be made more difficult by changing body position, which makes suspension training extremely scalable to everyone with different athletic backgrounds and experience. With Gritree over 40 different exercises can be performed covering all muscle groups.

Gritree is the newest addition to Gritbird´s product portfolio. Both products can be installed individually, but they also support each other in terms of physical functionality and design. 

Gritree is manufactured in Finland.

Our products are made by using a mix of real 304L stainless steel and specially coated Finnish plywood. The materials are extremely durable and designed to last in the toughest environments. Gritbird products are also ecological and friendly to install.

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