Gritbird outdoor fitness equipment combines multi-dimensional functionality with Scandinavian design. This handsome bird will take your fitness to the next level by using safe and effective bodyweight exercises while enjoying the nature. The innovative design enables for you to do over 20 bodyweight exercises, and difficulty level can be adjusted for different trainees by changing body position.  Gritbird is manufactured in Finland from ecologically friendly and durable materials.


Exercise is a crucial part in living in a healthy lifestyle. By investing in public outdoor areas cities and counties can create a solid basis for overall well-being of the complete population, regardless of ones age or fitness level. Active people deserve sufficient equipment to train their bodies and minds outdoors while enjoying the nature.

These needs inspired us in creating Gritbird - a new innovative outdoor fitness equipment which combines minimalistic Scandinavian design with multi-dimensional training functionality, durability and safety.

Bodyweight exercises enable an effective and safe method to work out all muscle groups in your body. By utilizing different angles difficulty and resistance levels can be adjusted to every trainees needs. Free paths of motion also work the balancing muscles and tissues strengthening them for a more balanced physique and improved physical performance.

Gritbird is designed in a minimalistic, Scandinavian way to fit into multiple landscapes and sceneries. The outdoor equipment is made in Finland using sustainable and durable materials, such as stainless steel and Finnish plywood.


Gritbird stays functional year to year in the toughest environments, even in the Finnish winter freeze. Though the materials are extremily durable, they can also be recycled at the of the birds life-cycle.

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